We are no longer running any mail servers so the ONLY E-Mail that works is jonspatz@hotmail.com

If you e-mail any of my old addresses they will not come thru  Please update your E-Mail address for me..

4/20/2019 - Not really anything new going on.  Letting the Bit Miners just run and the $$$ Build Up...

4/7/2019 - Moved alot of files around and setup a new server.  If anything is missing or a broken link please e-mail me at jonspatz@hotmail.com and i will fix it..  Enjoy..  Yea BitCoin!

4/5/2019 - Site is 100% Moved To The New Machine.  All Functions and Downloads should be available.  If not please contact me jonspatz@hotmail.com

-> Moved Old News To The [ ARCHIVE ]  Also [ HARDWARE ] Is Updated...

-> We are also starting to sell some Mining Equipment..  I have about 20 TTBIT 2chip w/ ASIC Miners here that I no longer need since upgrading.  These Miners are $20 Each + $3 Shipping and Handling.   We accept Payments Thru VENMO.  I liked used the TTBIT Miners because they are easy to set up, Just plug into your usb hub and install CGMINER. Ready to go, Hot Swappable, and They come with their own Built In Fan for cooling.  They average between 9 and 15 G/Hash EACH.   If your interested in Buying any let me know thru e-mail.  jonspatz@hotmail.com


4/4/2019 - The CryptoMining webpage 100% fixed ad Updated..  You might have noticed over the past day or two that some of our websites were offline.  We are moving all of our software from the Kansas Server to my equipment here and getting the updated one Gigabyte from Xfinity/  I was Renting two servers there, One for $40 and One for $85 so i just saved myself $130 a Month by hosting it here...  All of the Miners are up and working, were using a mix of CPU, GPU, and ASIC.  I like to switch it up a little bit because I have never put all my eggs in one basket.  I also picked up another Dell PowerEdge R610 Rack system, the specs can be seen in the [ HARDWARE ] Section.  Hope you enjoy the upgrades.   Also, I got rid of the mail server software so the ONLY way you can reach me is at my regular e-mail.    jonspatz@hotmail.com  Enjoy!!