9/2/2019 - Well I woke up this morning to find out that HyperPool.Tech and SpaceCoin had disappeared in the night.  Websites are offline, No activity on their miner pools, Nothing..  Here Today Gone Tomorrow.  So I had to switch my AntMiner A3 over to SaiCoinPrime.  Hopefully it pays out as well but I will have to wait for that.  No activity on either of my wallets..  XSC, SCP, or LTC.  Fingers Crossed....

9/1/2019  - Just added the New NiceHash Software to our [ DOWNLOADS ].  That is the easiest way to get into BitCoin Mining and it uses CPU & GPU for maximum payments.  We are still VERY active with NiceHash and MinerGate.  We are also Starting to sell some of  the equipment we no longer use since were switching to larger miners.  You can see these items in the [ FOR SALE ] Section.  Just E-mail me.  jonspatz@hotmail.com   I also updated the [ HARDWARE ] section to show some of our new hardware.  [ HOW TO MINE ] has also been updated to reflect the new NichHash software.  We no longer use SlushPool, Their fees and payouts are so low that their are others much better out there.

8/25/2019 - I have changed our mining strategy on MinerGate.  Right now we are CPU mining over 11 Machines ( Mondo, Mondo-Classic, And Zcash ) The other coins are just not profitable at this time..  I can see Spending and entire Dell PowerEdge R610 for 4 cents of AEON a day.  Also picked up some more USB ASIC Miners and the AntMiner A3 Which is tearing through SpaceCoin like a Warm Knife Thru Soft Butter.. Its sharing about 800-1000 XSC every 3 Hours. ( YEA! )        I will be trying to update the ForSale Section because we have a fair amount of TTBIT USB Miners and Powered USB Hub I need to clean out, Going to start only buying commercial miners like the AntMiner/BitCoin kind.  Enjoy...  Just an FYI, If you want to start with your existing equipment MinerGate is the GO TO SOFTWARE for CPU Mining.  Just amazing..  You can download the new version v1.5 in our downloads section [ HERE ]

8/24/2019 - Just an FYI, I am working on updating all the hardware we use here and the new stuff i added.   We run on ALL DELL Equipment BTW.

8/15/2019 - Sorry for any delays or the website being offline.  I am installing Windows Security/Software Updates..  This should not take more then Ten Minutes and we will be back online.  Thanks for your Patience.

8/14/2019 - Updated Pictures of some of our mining hardware.  What started out as a hobby/something to do has now taken over the front bedroom and an air conditioner to keep all those machines cool.  The updated pictures are below.  I am going to sell off some of the equipment too, Message me if your looking to get started in CryptoCurrency.


8/4/2019 - Playing with the new NiceHash Software and website... NOT A BIG FAN AT ALL!!!  If you want to try it the new software is in our [ DOWNLOADS ] Section.  It has some nice features but my NON-ASIC rigs (CPU & NVIDIA GPU) keep going offline and not registering my Hash's.  The only good part is you get what you earned deposited every 4 hours.

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